Want to barbecue like a champion and cook using competition barbecue secrets?

Throughout my blog, I've been giving you  barbecue tips, secrets and recipes you can use to barbecue like a champion. However, as you probably imagined, there is a lot more to it than what I could fit in a blog post. I really want to provide you with EVERYTHING! I'm talking about step-by-step instructions with full color photos to make mouth-watering pulled pork, tender and juicy beef brisket, fall off the bone smoky baby back ribs and melt in your mouth chicken and turkey. I got my hands on a book a couple of years ago that has forever changed the way I cook barbecue, and the unbelievable results I am getting. There are a lot of barbecue books out there. The stores are full of them, the internet is full of them. Most of these "how-to" books are mostly recipes with very little time spent on the real secrets of barbecue. I really didn't want recipes. What I wanted was a book that would actually tell me what to do! I wanted the secrets that the true barbecue masters were using. I have looked at a lot of books and there is only one that stands out like this. One book that tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about true authentic slow smoked championship barbecue. This book was written by a barbecue team that is tearing it up in competitions all over the country and they will tell you how they're doing it. You will soon be cooking this way too!  To learn once and for all how to barbecue like a champion   you've GOT to check out this book!